June 15, 2006


Oh yes, I am still around and very much alive, but kicking around a couple of things. Between cranky webservers, having to manage another team too as a stand-by arrangement, a pending deadline to write something and planning a trip to hot and sultry Mumbai, there is not much time or energy to spare to write things here. And yes, I have finally booked my tickets for my first official and longish vacation in three years, in July. The place is not much of a surprise, it is back home and I have not been there in more than three years.

In any case, there has not been much else to report. On Saturday I made another visit to Elevate, where DJ Heat from UK was listed as the guest. The opening set was done though by a DJ who I've not seen or heard anywhere in Delhi before. I could get only his surname, Mehra, and he played two absolutely rocking sets of mostly Bollywood, bhangra and Indi-pop, leaving the guest DJ, who played the most crappy set I've heard anyone play, wondering why people were moving off the floor when he laid his hands on the lovely Technics 1200s.

In fact, most of the guest DJs I've seen playing in Delhi (I could not go for the PVD gig, I have to clarify) have been really terrible. The worst of the lot was Dr. Zeus (yes, I will admit rather shamefully that I've watched him perform live), who could not mix even a cup of tea, leave alone two different tracks, to save his life. The golden rule of mixing is that if you cannot beatmix, you should not and just cut/fade into the other channel. That lesson was obviously not taught to Zeus, who made the beats overlap so much that even a herd of horses, on an acid high, running on a wooden floor would have sounded much better.

Musical adventures apart, I must beat a hasty retreat now and get some packing done for tomorrow. I should be in the M city from Friday morning to early Sunday morning. I am not sure, with the amount of stuff that needs to be done there, if I'd get any time for any socialising. So, don't hold it against me if I am just right next door and still somehow not get time to meet any of you M city people.