May 01, 2006

Return To Sender

Verbosity has always been my bane (or boon, depending on which end of the deal you happened to end up on) and mixing technology with that does not always bring forth the best of results. That joined with a natural ability to ponder over points and nuances that mean nothing to others (and everything to me), leads to interesting collections of conversations in the various e-mail accounts I have used over the years. Oh yes, I have a huge addiction for communication, at least I used to, and some of the e-mails date back to as early as the year 2000, when using impropah English to communicate did not result in summary execution by the grammar Nazis.

Some of the e-mails are amusing - youthful enthusiasm, extreme idealism and the works. Others are acute embarrassments, to put it lightly, including episodes in my life that I can't remember without feeling sheepish beyond what I can explain here and numerous silly dalliances with rank strangers on the internet (that is another saga in itself, best saved for another time). But most are about the chaotic relationships I have had with my friends. Amusingly, some have even had e-mail accounts at and I have seen one that was sent using Pine. I have certainly lived an interesting life, even if you were to ignore conversations that were held on one side  almost entirely in koans.

I have lost touch with most of the people I have all these mails saved from, some for good, while others blip back in on my radar every now and then, only to disappear again. I can't be quite accused of being stupid in feeling like the old bridge under which a lot of water has flown over time, can I? But it is nice to have these to look at, since they are pretty much the only genuine and un-obfuscated accounts of how I ended up being who I am and where I come from. The blog with its myriad decoys is of no good there. Redundant storage and the free email model willing, I should have these to keep me company in old age too. Technology with a nostalgic hue, now, who would have thought about that one?