May 28, 2006


Sundays are actually one of the better days to come to office. I popped by today to finish off some minor stuff that had been pending for a long time, organize the 'messed-up-again-in-60-seconds' inbox and also kick off a major technology migration that we have been planning for a while. Seventy percent of the floor's weekday inhabitants not being there makes for a much quieter environment and a lack of phone calls and meetings only help to focus things much better.

But I do wonder if the concept of weekend off or holidays truly hold any water anymore. Even though I have more or less strictly enforced the policy of not switching the laptop on during weekdays at home, it is hard to stay away from work-related thoughts. After all, all it takes is to switch the television on and surf to channel number five to be back in the 'work' mode, followed by the wild goose chase after the 'bigger picture'.

On Friday, rather unexpectedly, I had one of the vintage TC days. As usual, when we have a good time there, we normally end up behaving rather outrageously, but in good spirit, and for a change I did not have to be in 'high' spirits to have a ball of a time. I do not know if it is the unbearable heat and humidity, but I have been gradually going off the boozy nights of late. Call it growing up or anything else, but waking up to mornings that feel like an internal 'Little Boy' explosion is not an enticing prospect anymore.

Saturday was Da Vinci Code day. The movie was unbearable. Not surprising at all, considering the fact that the book itself was barely bearable and in translating it on to the big screen, Ron Howard successfully stripped it of whatever little that was there in the story to appeal to the grey cells. Tom Hanks looked so lost that he could have easily passed off as someone who had a walk-on part in it. Audrey, of course, was delicious. Still, I can't figure out for my life why she did the movie in the first place.

To conclude, you might have noticed a minor change on the blog. I am letting 'codey' die a quiet death and shall, from now on, publish under my real name that I am not too fond of. I might probably consider keeping codelust to myself, I have a love-hate relationship with that one. At some point, publishing under a pseudonym used to make sense in terms of privacy and all that jazz. Now, when people call that to your face, it just sounds plain silly. Much sillier than the dislike I have for my real name. Just to clarify, I don't have a favourite name or a name that I would have liked to be called by. It is just that I don't like this one too much.