May 25, 2006

India Seething

One of the rather interesting recent developments in the blog landscape is the mushrooming of angst-ridden blogs by media professionals. If one were to go by what most of them had to say, you'd have to believe that the entire media circus is staffed by angry frustrated journalists, who, given a chance, would jump in, change the way the system works and eradicate all of the industry's ailments in a single swipe.

On these blogs, I have read everything from exemplary displays of copy editing skills, news judgement and operational finesse that would turn even a Fortune 500 CEO the deepest shade of green with envy. I do not know where the great idea came into play that media professionals have to be saints and superhumans to be doing their job and that each and every one of them have to perfect in what they do, even when you know that a copy can't ever be subbed enough.

The curious point in all this is that, if there is so much of goodwill that is waiting to be unleashed behind the numerous computer terminals that dot our offices, why don't any of us quit, start something that would represent all these noble intentions and change the landscape? Of course, that would involve a lot of sacrifices, hard work beyond being the angry young 101st keyboarders and things not as rewarding as annual increments and appraisals.

On an unrelated note, I do not know what to make of the reservation ruckus. I don't like the idea. It is counterproductive and I have always advocated making as much of education free or subsidised as possible to give everyone a level playing field. It ain't perfect, but I believe that is the only way to go ahead with this with the least degree of discrimination.

Besides, you can't exactly overcome social inequality just by making the seats available. You still have to be able to pay your way through expensive schools, colleges and other institutions. But the practicalities of all that is another insignificant story, best saved for another day. What scares me is that, if you were to look at the developments, you'd think that this is a personal battle between the HRD minister and the medicos.

We have a PM who does not open his mouth on the matter, an opposition - that has an opinion on anything and everything - being quieter than a church mouse and whole host of byte givers who have nothing to say about it. I don't have any love lost for dear Mr Singh, but to pull this stunt off he needs the support of a whole host of people who have just melted into the background, waiting to come out into the open once it becomes law, to reap their harvest from either side of the divide.

Those are the real culprits, who will get away, once again, with it, while we chase down the Arjuns and other figureheads. Lage raho India, tera kutch nahi hone wala.