May 18, 2006


Well, this is one of those days when you just don't want to do anything other than curl up with a glass of nice wine, some good music and a nice book at home. I have done whatever little bit I could bring myself to do today. The list of pending projects are stretch further than what an A4 can hold. This week, I just don't have it in me to unclog my head and inject some much-needed direction into things. The groundwork is done, I know the scale, the numbers and the timelines. But it will have to wait till Monday.

I am gradually rediscovering my cooking skills too, that is, if you can if you can call my brand of making meat and other things edible cooking at all. I have been eating out and ordering takeways so much that I must have made at least a couple of joints near my house quite rich in further developing my already well developed paunch. The end result though may not be of everyone's liking. I end up with dishes that are not bland enough to be western or spicy enough to be Indian. I guess you could call it  the globalised cuisine. But I like it, which is what counts the most I guess.

Meanwhile, I am looking for better/healthy/non-kinky ways to spend a decent amount of time away from work-related things, and the computer, once I am home, during weekdays and on weekends. One of these days I should go and buy myself a guitar and learn to play it properly than to play it just about enough to make it look like I know what I am doing, while actually I don't. Another long term fascination of mine has been sport climbing. Sadly, at least from what I could glean from Google, there is not much of that in Delhi. Does anyone have any clue about this one?