February 20, 2006

Two heads are....

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That is the dual monitor set up I have now at work. Not quite as sexy as the Dell 21" monitors or dual 17" Dells that I've seen so many people brag about, but double the screen width, even on two 15" monitors is quite helpful when you got to keep track of a lot of things at the same time. My preferred set up for now is to have my browser and e-mail client on different screens while the putty consoles reside in the same monitor as the one that houses the e-mail client.

It also helps that I have a corner seat, which allows me to leverage the best from the set up. I've gradually migrated away all my work stuff on to the laptop. The system at home now only has a whole lot of gaming and music stuff on it. The only major use it sees now is to run the occasional DJing run in the night when I want to relax a bit. Now don't even ask me how music that goes thumpity thump can be relaxing, it is a freak thing, you gotta be one to understand it.

Meanwhile the Airtel GPRS connection is finally up and running. Strangely it works well when I hook up the laptop to the phone and dial out from it, but using the phone's browser just keeps returning me to the same error "data server not found". Anybody has any clue why that happens? I can't be assed to call the terrible customer service and find out why. If and when I do I will let you know. And oh, I am getting a max of some 7 Kbps on it. Not really great, but I will live.

What remains to be done is for Airtel (yes, them weird creatures again) to dig up my neighbourhood and send me waltzing into ADSL land. Then to spend another 3.5 k in buying a decent Netgear wireless router and we should be all set to go. But for the time being it is time to say hello to mobile computing. Any guesses for how long this fascination will last?