February 08, 2006

Talk To Me

Google now has a new feature which allows you to save the Google Talk conversations. If you enable it, all of the chat transcripts end up in a new label called 'chats' in Gmail. It is a mighty useful feature, especially for the lot of us who are prone to chatting under the influence every now and then. Unless, of course, you happen to be in China or some or some other snoopy place.

The feature also allows you to chat within the Gmail interface with your contacts. I have not tried that one out yet since nobody I know seem to be up at one in the morning. This, though, is nothing new though. It was earlier attempted, minus the Ajax wizardry, by a company which is not synonymous with the word 'innovative'. Brings back some old memories about conversations regarding where they could have been.

To wind up the marginally geeky post, if by some chance any of you are trying to compile and run Squid as transparent proxy, or as a reverse proxy in my case, please do not forget to run the command ./squid -z (the flag used to be the uppercase 'Z' earlier) before you attempt to run the executable. Trust me, this can save you a lot of tears and heartache, as I found out rather painfully.