February 20, 2006

Sharp Edge

I finally succumbed to the pressure and became the quite clumsy owner of a Moto Razr v3i last week. When I went to the shop, I wanted to buy a Nokia with the usual bells and whistles (GPRS, E-mail client, Java, Sync, camera and the works), but all the models looked like packets of butter, lumpy, unwieldy and heavy. I have a bad habit of dropping my phone at least once a day and it really did not look like any of the Nokia models would have survived such torture at my incapable hands.

Not that the Razr looks keen on being dropped thrice a day, but it does feel quite robust and most importantly it is quite compact and light. I can live with the fact that the camera is only some 1.23344444444 megapixels (who in their right mind would want a digicam without a flash for doing serious photography anyway?). The iTunes player is no great shakes and syncing it is the usual pain that is the case with the iPods and I really don't want to bother with the pain of syncing music for driving. I'd rather suffer the delightful and predictable tedium of the old car stereo for such eventualities.

The only sour point, as Russell noted earlier, is the eye candy-rich interface which does not allow for too much customisation and you end up with a feeling that you are missing on some option somewhere. I've not managed to get the GPRS working, even after some four calls to Airtel, guess it would take another round of screaming before they manage it. Even if it is half decent, I can probably get my ass off the lousy Spectrasmart connection at home even if the GPRS gives me only 14 Kbps, which is the maximum I get on Spectrasmart.