January 28, 2006

Desis Critical

What in dear lord’s name is a ‘superior blogger’? Is it someone who is superior by his/her own admission, or is it a title that is conferred by a select group of pundits, who must themselves be super-superior to confer that title on lesser mortals? Regardless, it is amusing to see blogs taking on more and more mainstream media-like water into their hulls with advertisements pasted all over the pages.

I guess they have ‘costs’ to cover, which surprisingly is a line of reasoning that I attach myself to when I have to answer why the websites of the media companies I have worked for have the same Technicolor advertisements plastered all over them. Actually, I don’t have any issue with any of this, other than the fact that we bloggers don’t like to hold the mirror up to our own faces as much as we love to show it to the others. Do we actually hate our own faces that much?