December 12, 2005

With Love From Durgapur, West Virginia

Interestingly, on Zend's talent page there are a lot of Indians who manage to work from both Alaska and other places in India at the same time. After seeing a couple of "Delhi, AK, Alaska, India" cases I dismissed it thinking they all must be part of some offshore web solutions company which must have been contracted to work on site in Alaska. But it did get me thinking why Alaska of all places? The mystery only deepened when I saw "Virudhunagar, TN, Tennessee India" and "Durgapur, WV, West Virginia, India".

PHP coders must be going places these days, I thought upon seeing these. Which also must explain the reason why we can't seem to hire any of them even after having hunted hard for over two months now. I mean, compared to working in freezing Alaska and Virudhnagar in Tennessee, Noida must look like the wastelands of Timbuktu. Of course, none of this has to do with horribly designed forms on US based websites which make the 'state' drop down a required choice even if you choose any another country than the US.