December 06, 2005

Telly Ache

I think I can now officially say that I am exhausted to the point of near-total ineffectiveness. After a disastrous tryst with the famous dish called nehari at the Karim's joint in Noida, most of the weekend was spent in a state of being that comprised my ribcage attempting to drive its tenants, the heart and the lung, out of it. That was only enhanced by a degree of tautness all over my body, accentuated with searing pain in each and every joint. Not to be left behind, the spine also felt like it was missing out on too much fun and by Monday morning I had made the magical transformation from being a reasonably healthy 26-year-old to a slouching 80-year-old with an acute case of arthritis.

Through the best part of the suffering I had no clue that it was the hogging on Saturday that was to be blamed for all the chaos. Instead, I had a sneaky feeling that I was now in the grip of some terrible disease that threatened to throw my life off its very self centred track. I was listing all the sins I would have to forego from that time on and was even planning my classic debut semi-autobiographical work on how I dealt with the very perilous situation when I finally got to office and saw that all the others who had participated in the Saturday fest had gone through a similar fate. Thus ended prematurely my potential tryst with fame and stardom, which, I must add, was not without a sense of relief.

It is actually a rare pleasure to have the time to sit down a blog a bit these days. A television news channel operation is more or less like a tiny planet in its entirety and even though, thankfully, I am not in the thick of the action, there are so many things to track and take care of. The start up situation is an exemplary rendition of Brownian motion and it is amazing how the million tiny pieces, including technology and personnel, fall into place to form the images you get to see on the screen. But what stands out the most is the power of the visual, which can transform the most inane and pointless of scripts into a work of absolute wonder.