December 17, 2005

Can Never Negate Internal Blog Noises

Okay, I have been rather cruelly outed and left to fend for myself in the biting Delhi cold. Not really. It was just a matter of time anyway before the thin veil of anonymity that I had hung over myself was lifted voluntarily or involuntarily. Anyway, quite a fair majority of my tiny audience do know about my real persona, so there is nothing quite devastating or earth shattering about it and in any case I don't score big on the fish scale for it to matter much. Maybe now I can finally dump the really dumb 'codey' persona? Guess it is also a good time to word that standard disclaimer about not representing my employer and also find a bit of space for it somewhere on the sidebar.

In such hectic times (I have some 13 tabs open in my text editor and another 13 plus open in my browser displaying various pages of the site all at once for the first time), quoting from a book should be the last thing on my mind, leave alone reading it. But when someone writes like this: "If you work in the city long enough, it begins to deal with you on a personal level. Streets reveal their moods. Sometimes the signal lights love you. Sometimes they fight you..." it takes away whatever teeny weeny inclination you might ever have to actually sit down and write something serious someday. Is there nothing that has not been written about already?