November 22, 2005

That Effing feeling

Yes, posting has been pretty much non-existent over the weekend. The system is still clogged up, though it is much better than what it was earlier and the mind is a monstrous muddle right now. I am just wholesomely tired of switching and adjusting to changing circumstances, it is like moving to a new house every third day. Right now I am pretty much in a 'fuck off' state of mind. So, don't be surprised if I did not smile at you in the morning, because I just don't feel like it, okay?

A couple of questions before I sign off. Don't ask me for the reasons why I am asking them, you will get to know soon enough. But here we go.

1) If I were to deem you a good blogger on a certain topic and ask you to blog for a particular amount of money (let us say some 'x' amount for 'n' posts in a month), would you be interested in it?

2) How huge an issue would editorial intervention be for you, provided you say "yes" to the above proposition, would it be too much for you to have someone clean up your copy and possibly enforce a bit of discipline, only when it is needed?

3) How much of an issue would anonymity be for you to blog for someone else?

4) Would you have any issues blogging on a different (possibly major media-supported) platform, or would you only blog on your own site/blog?

The slow as hell Blogger interface is not opening for me here, so I am using Writely of all things to post this. Weird.

Update: Don't use that effing thing to post at all. Crappy, half-done, dysfunctional software should be banned from ever being released.