November 06, 2005


I don’t listen to podcasts. I could never understand them anyway. Not having the required bandwidth to keep track of them makes it much easier for me to ignore them. But anything that does not allow me to skip and hop along a narrative is just not good enough. At least seven out of ten times it only ends up wasting my time. Worse still, any momentary distraction, which is always a given for a multitasker like me, always results in the money quote being missed.

Apparently the opportunity in podcasting is for small and independent content creators to push their wares across without a great deal of capital expenditure or reliance on traditional distribution networks. This is nothing new. After all, at the base level, a podcast is nothing but an XML file which has enclosures pointing to an audio file. C’mon we can now transfer files over HTTP, this is going to change the world dude! But there is something new, the TiVo like interface to manage, sync and organize them. Even there the primary driver is the content and not the feature. Capiche?

Before you tar me a cynical bastard once again, I would like to present exhibit #221, a weekly online radio show, A State of Trance, by Armin Van Buuren. The show kicks off around 1 AM in India and from that point on there are some thousands of people from across the world tuned into the show and talking about it on different IRC channels and forums across the world. The next opportunity is to provide all this on the same platform rather than peddle in badly recorded audio the daily doings of some couple half way across the planet.

As you might have noticed, this is a post that should have been made to the experiment, which I can officially label a failure once again. For the umpteenth time, Wordpress has failed to impress me and for some reason I can’t seem to get the latest version of Serendipity running elsewhere. In any case, I am past the stage where the geeky challenge in getting it up and running would have been a big enough kick to get it done. All I want is to write a bit when I can, than to run around fixing problems. So, no, thank you.

Talking about content, one of my favourite new bloggers is Scott Adams. Yes, that Scott who does the Dilbert strips. Other than some interesting insights into the creation of some of the strips, the blog offers some of the most interesting quirky thoughts I have read in a long time. And on that quirky note I will move along through to the rest of my Sunday. There is a car waiting to be picked up at the service station, two books that need to be finished a little bit of sleep to be caught up on somewhere in between.