November 25, 2005

Feeding on NDTV

NDTV joins the RSS syndication bandwagon finally with feeds on National, International, Sports and Business news. They claim to be using RSS 2.0 as their preferred spec, but right now there is no way of knowing anything more since you need to register to get the feed URLs. I registered for the same some 6 hours back and I still have not received the e-mail as they had promised.

In any case, having to register to access the RSS feeds is distinctly uncool and even if it is for the sake of metrics and tracking usage patterns, it would really defeat the purpose and decrease adoption rates if they are going to offer unique, per user URLs. And if that is not the case and we are being forced to register just for a standard URL, I can only assume that it is a really dumb idea which could only have been thought up by some marketing department numbskull.