October 21, 2005

Seven Seasons

The problem with a to-do list is that you are jacked pretty bad if you forget to check the list on a daily basis, which happens to me with an unfailing degree of regularity. This is even more irksome because the new jig means that I have to keep track of a lot of things and it is not funny to chance upon tasks you should have finished off much earlier. Right now I am using Microsoft Outlook's Tasks and Notes features. But these are not available to me outside the office because of the way our Exchange server is configured and the online services that are there, which can be subscribed as an RSS feed, is not quite up to scratch when it comes to ease of use. I will have to try some other way to sort out this issue.

In other news, the house is still a mess. All my things are either packed into different bags or piled up on beds and chairs. For someone like me, who is very finicky about what goes where and cleanliness in general, that is a hugely depressing thing to come home to. I have to get that fixed over the weekend. That, though, has not stopped me from finishing off watching my friend's box set of Sex and the City. The end was a bit disappointing even if they managed to make Carrie look much better than her usual rag doll self in the last two seasons. Still, it was sad to watch Big being anything but his obnoxious but sweet self and Miranda (my favourite) developing traits of correctness. They all grew up over a change of DVDs. Not fair at all!