October 26, 2005

Google Blaze

Why, but why would information on Ta-da Lists be worth millions unless you can't marry the problem (which is a requirement in this case) to the solution (which is a solutions service provider)? It would be nice, from a voyeuristic point of view, to know what Noname1 or Noname2 wants to do first thing come tomorrow morning, but other than for a behavioural sciences geek the data by itself would be of little value. In any case, even if you preside over the wedding, are you allowed to expose personal data in such a manner in the first place?

Nightmare scenario:

On Joe Husband's Tadalist:

Urgent: Remember to figure out what to buy for Sexy Secretary at work on her birthday.

Note: DO NOT tell the missus about it.

On Mary Wife's Google Base:

Excellent at helping men pick gifts for women. Only 2% of gift value charged as consulting fees.

Alert on Joe Husband's Tadalist: Low rates from new gift picker in the market, click to find out.

Two hours later, Joe Husband is happy with his purchase, Mary Wife's happy with her spare cash and Sexy Secretary is beaming about her perfect birthday gift. All is beautiful on planet convergence located in the Web 2.0 galaxy till Mary Wife takes a closer look at the transaction details in her Google Base account. Something looks very familiar, something looks very fishy.

Uh oh.