October 10, 2005


A catherine wheel is what I am reminded of when I think about the rate at which Google is spewing out products these days. It just keeps firing in all directions, over a vast variety of domains sending all and sundry for cover. And as the webspace soaks in its latest product, Google Reader, I just hope that it does not meet the same end as the firework used in the metaphor meets sometime down the line. In any case, having used it for a just a teeny weeny bit, I have to agree with the Decafbad man and say that it really does not get butterflies or any other objects,dead or living, airborne in my tummy. There is just too much eye candy, the interface is simplicity gone wrong and it is quite different to what I am used to. I'll give it a pass.

The net connection has been more flaky than it has ever been at home. Airtel does not service my area and the other options, Tata Indicom (unknown, unreliable quantity?) and MTNL (250 MB data cap on a 256 Kbps line? You must be kidding me, right?) just does not have enough traction on the appeal side for me. That means I am stuck with my lousy local cable franchisee powered SpectraSmart connection, which has been down recently more than it has been up. Not that I am complaining a lot. I have cut down my computer usage at home to email, a bit of browsing and some four hours of mixing practice every week. Anyway, I have been wanting to catch up on my reading for a while now and I simply do not want to delete all my subscriptions in a meltdown-influenced pruning like Russell has done recently.

And the man is not kidding. Information overload can end up causing you serious trouble and I have gone through stupid depressed phases when I could not check up on my subscriptions over the weekend, leaving me with a feeling of being an ignorant idiot for not knowing what is being talked about. Thankfully, after a couple of recent major power and connectivity outages, I came to realise that the world can survive without either. So get off that chair, read a book, listen to some music, use the phone to call up people than email them and if nothing else works, throw away all your gadgets and take a vacation here. Even when you get back, chances are that you and the world would have survived pretty fine.