October 28, 2005


Honestly, the Blogger posting interface sucks. It takes forever to load even on a fast connection and even with their clunky interfaces, I lean more towards using the API clients like Wbloggar and Qumana for my posting needs. But using these clients gives portability a huge hit. Basically, I am stuck to the same machine if I have to keep working on my post over a day/ number of days.

An alternative to this is to use the drafts feature in Gmail, now even more funkified with its auto-save feature, and use the mail-to-blog option in Blogger to post straight to the blog. The only issue is that you cannot edit posts via email on Blogger. Maybe Google should dump the blogger interface, integrate it into Gmail and make even more money by showing text links in the compose window.

With time, Gmail has actually become more of an information organiser than an email client for me. I use extensive filtering and labelling to manage my different email accounts, to-do notes and almost always a compose tab is open with random notes, numbers etc that I can use through the day. Looks like I can now check mail, keep notes, post to my blog, from a single interface. Not bad, huh?