September 02, 2005


Everybody is getting married and they do it for a variety of reasons. Some are feeling lonely. Some want to put an end to their mutually inclusive commitment to sex and marriage and have their first time and more. Some virtually hump all their way to the altar. Some hear the persistent ringing of their biological clock. Some get married because it is expected of them by their families. Some get married because they have nothing better to do in life, thus procreation becomes part recreation too. Some get married because they lost out in love. Some get married because they can't find love.

Turn the page and you see almost everyone is getting divorced. Some are feeling lonely even in their marriages. Some find that sex alone is not a good enough reason to get married. In the process they run into the other bunch who humped their way to the altar; rest of life happens and the sex disappears. Some find that the family they expected to find in marriage is not quite there and the one you left behind does not back you up anymore. Some find that after marrying on the rebound, they are still attached to the one that got away; it is compare and contrast time. Some find that even in marriage there is often very little of love.

Apparently, even on the gay landscape things are not any less complicated. As our dear friend CloseTalk reliably informs us, the scenery there too is dotted with infidelity and every other indiscretion you can possibly think of. In the industry that I am part of, the decay is so rampant that every other week you need a refresher course on whose husband or wife is sleeping with someone else. My parents had an arranged marriage and their personalities are hard to separate even after they've been together for almost 30 years. What happened all those people? Or is it that the institution has truly become stale and ineffective? Is it time we took it down?