September 03, 2005

Max, Mostly

The con artist who continues to be known as Max Mosley was thrown off his feet yesterday after a bolt of realization hit him right where it hurts the most. Elaborating on his sudden departure from the world of the vertically oriented, the FIA president said, "We didn't realise how important (passing) was to the fans until recently." In a quick rejoinder, after receiving a stealthy jab in the ribs from new partner-in-bed Hector Ruiz, Mosley added: "AMD is making available to us an immensely powerful computer". Yes, baby, we got new steenking fast computers, Kimi, Fernando, Schumie, now overtake!

Visibly disgruntled Formula One fans were heard complaining in Monza on Friday that Mad Max was treading a dangerous path that could inevitably make the sport interesting, leading to a mass desertion by fans who have nothing better in life to do than watch 22 cars drive around in the same formation for 50 plus laps. In an apparent damage limitation exercise, an FIA spokesperson clarified later that no plans were afoot to make Formula One interesting and added that Max was only showing off his new gaming computer gifted to him by dear Hector, which the media had (obviously) misrepresented.