August 07, 2005


While cleaning up a major part of the shoebox house and some of the recent memories attached to it, I came across, in one of my hard-to-open drawers, a case with a considerable amount memorabilia from the past stashed away in it. It had everything from my identity card from the college days back home to doodles, scribbles and a bunch of knick knacks from that time. Incidentally, these are not the only items from the past that I seem to have collected over time.

I still keep old emails stashed away in folders across my numerous email accounts and there is an entire collection of old handwritten letters, my first and only electric shaver, a broken Sony walkman that kept me in touch with music during the early years of non-opulence in Delhi, a folder full of greeting cards, couple of diaries that belonged to lovers from the past and numerous trinkets that have no value other than the person and the occasion associated with it.

Coming back to the case with the old documents, it almost felt like being suddenly flashed back into a period in time that has gone absent without leave from your mind. Even though most of my good friends from that time are still more or less around, most of them have gone their own ways and it is only these trinkets that serve to remind me of those times. Even if it was by purpose, all that I am left with these days to remember the past are the same little nonsensical stuff. No wonder that I feel so lost most of the times.

On a different note, I am slowly beginning to find my feet and bits of my strength again. I dread to write it down though, since every time I make such a pronouncement my life seems to take it as some sort of a cue and decides to bonkers on me. But I do need to organise my time and effort in a much better manner. I need to travel a lot more, get down to finishing off that story whose outline has been lying still-born in my mind and somehow find the non-existent funds to redo my place. Time and money, where have you guys disappeared off to?