August 24, 2005

Please Don't Talk

Everywhere you look, there is only Google and more Google everywhere, I feel like retching every time I look at my aggregator today. Stop press! Google sneezed! While Kottke has gone ahead and written a magnum opus (six screenfuls, that too!) of his 'I-told-you-so' vision for the next couple of years, Krzysztof Kowalczyk complains that there is nothing new about it all and in fact Microsoft had done it way, way back. He also misses a point about the good old Gkrellm (also alternatively known as every Linux geek's idea of his male genitalia) having been there before. While David Card at Jupe sneaks in an interesting tidbit about how Microsoft tried to pre-empt the Google Talk with an announcement of a point release for MSN Messenger. Sanity, obviously, has gone on vacation.

How important is domain knowledge? In another of her exceptional write ups, Sramana Mitra concludes, "Well, raw smarts are tres important, because most likely, things will change, what will need to be called upon is the power and the ability to learn and to think, beyond what is already known, and decisions will need to be made quickly with inadequate and limited information." After having waded in the hazy waters between technology and content for a while now, I agree with her that they are very important, but I disagree with her conclusion that they are important just because decisions are made based on inadequate and limited information. Moreover, if the raw smart is in a set up where he/she cannot loop back effectively into the existing mechanism, it would end up being a pointless exercise.

P.S: There is a story in the NYT today "Relax, Bill Gates; It's Google's Turn as the Villain" and the first quote is from the founder of Paypal who has an obviously large enough bone of contention with the search giant. Lovely!