August 19, 2005


Come to think of it, there is hardly anything surprising about the fact that my life has sneaked out of control, once again, right under my nose. The current scenario is one where it once what was supposed to be a controlled disaster is gradually spiraling out of control and I need to stem the rot somewhere before it gets too late. It is really funny when one of those 'it can't happen to me' moments stares you right in the face, when you least expect it. I am not sure where I would have to start and how, but it does look like everything from eating to sleeping needs fixing and it needs to be fixed soon.

Most of the week has already wafted by me, of which I don't remember much other than cooking some excellent pomfret and the goof up du jour of not checking if there is enough fuel in the motorcycle to take me till office, which led to some really touch-and-go moments that thankfully did not culminate in my having to push the bike to nearest petrol pump. Strangely, I had thought that, after the recent developments, I would have a lot of time on my hands and not much to do with it. Instead, I seem to be even busier than I've ever been, though I have no clue where all that time disappears off to.

Today, after a long time, I'd be making a visit to a Barista outlet in the evening and I could not help but wonder about how Baristas have lost their sheen since their early days. Even with the fancy wifi connections they offer at some select joints, the user experience has practically remained the same since they started and there is hardly anything refreshing about it anymore. In comparison, most kids these days seem to prefer hanging out at Cafe Coffee Days, which is precisely the reason why I don't like them much in the first place. In fact, the coffee culture seems to have been completely lost on me.