July 15, 2005


If it were not for the fact that I have not been helping my own cause with more than a fair share of self abuse, I could have blamed a really chaotic work situation, the constantly dull grumpy weather and the relationship scenario for the current downturn in my mood. This is one of those times when the best to do is to lay down your arms, surrender completely to feeling and let it devour you inside out.

I would not like to admit it as much, but I am gradually growing up to be this person who is impatient and someone who looks down on the rest of humanity like they were some lower beings. In short, it looks like I am growing into the finest amalgam of all the people I've disliked in my life. It cannot more ironic than that, can it? I really like to come up with a smart line here, but all I can is that I am truly flabbergasted.