June 21, 2005


From Pitchfork's review on Billy Corgan's new album: The Future Embrace

Even the single "Walking Shade", however hookless and octave-bass trendy as electro-fuck (think the Killers, then thank mixing boy Alan Moulder), still sounds enough like New Order at times that, hey, things are gonna be fine-- one less Out Hud song on the radio.

For a time, Smashing Pumpkins were tops; in my neighborhood alone, dressing up for Halloween as the Asian Guy From Smashing Pumpkins was a politically acceptable if not publicly applauded costume choice.

It is weird how music labelling and genres have gone totally potty these days. Techno is more rock than techno, rock itself sounds more like drippy drooly teen pop and electronica, which is often blamed for everything from not being able to think beyond the regular 4/4 beats to lack of imagination and innovation bordering on the levels of some mass psychosis, is turning out exciting and interesting sounds more than any other genre.