June 10, 2005


I am so totally bowled over by Greatnews. No .Net needed, no messing around with the JVMs, and even when it is going at full speed with 354 subscriptions, it still does not eat up more than 33 MB of my RAM. Build 306 supports both Conditional Gets and Zlib compression, it has a rocking style in 'Newspaper' that I totally adore and full text search (yes, you read that right!) with SQLite. And yes, it scores the feeds based on my visits. Not quite what I wanted, but mind blowing all the same.

Normally, my morning reading takes up an average of two hours, depending on how busy the start to the day is; with GreatNews it has sharply dipped to less than an hour and that is some bump in productivity. Moreover, the 'Label' feature makes it so much more easier to collect entries for later reading, which helps a lot if you would want to blog about it later. I just love the UI and the layout and since when did the Chinese start writing English this well?

The cons are that it won't be available for free forever and I have been having major problems with Bloglines which end up showing me entires from some blogs which are like a year old, so I am not using the very much screamed for Bloglines integration feature. And the worst of the lot is the fact the embedded browser is IE and the work around involves setting the application to use the default browser. Not the smoothest of options when it comes to reading summary only feeds. But I can live with that.

Meanwhile, today's announcement from Infoworld, that they are going to publish full text feeds with ads in them represented my 'doh-why-did-I-not-think-of-that?' moment for me. The RSS feeds I have gotten implemented where I work now and at my former employer's have pretty much gone nowhere after the initial rush and the idea of making money out of full text feeds did not get any traction. Maybe I should give this idea a spin and concentrate on just taking this platform to the next level.