May 03, 2005


Strangely, for a track that is driving a lot of people, including myself, totally nuts, there is very little information that is available about Need To Feel Loved by Reflect (feat Delline Bass). Even as a standalone song, excluding the special consideration that it gets from me for being a semi-trance number, it is a beautifully melodic track that refuses to go away from your head. Delline's singing is plaintive and the lingering melody in the background just adds to the entire dreamy feeling that is caught in an even more trippy way by the music video. Listen to the song here and the video here.

Update: Reflekt, I have come to finally know (via Yahoo! search and not Google), is not Reflket Records, but a collaboration between Seb Fontaine and Vern of Stretch N Vern, who roped in Delline Bass to provide the vocals and the lyrics for the track. Apparently, the background sample is from the soundtrack to Road To Perdition. Read up more here and here.