April 26, 2005

Music For Roadwarriors

When you have a fairly moderate commute to and fro from work, one very important ingredient of that daily routine is the music you listen to. One of the good things about all the 'globalisation' is the amazing amount of obscure music that has now found its way into Indian record stores like the Ministry Of Sound compilations. While buying CDs can still be prohibitively expensive, audio cassettes still provide a very good means of providing on-road entertainment for those who do not want to spend obscene amounts of cash on making your car sound like a boom box on wheels.

Even though, by international standards, one can hardly call Ministry Of Sound obscure, it is still a great deal for people like me who like electronic music and the like to be able to listen to it while driving. The best part about the Ministry Of Sound compilations is that they are played in a continuous mix, ensuring that the tempo or the beat never drops off, leaving you to focus squarely on the pleasures (or evils?) of the road. The one that I had picked up was the double disc 'The Annual 2005.'

Incidentally, the version listed on the official Ministry Of Sound website does not have the song, Dallas Superstars's Fast Driving (JS16 Mix), mentioned in the track listing. The track is an absolute delight to drive to and that combined with the super smooth beat mixing of the album makes it one of my favourite tracks on the compilation. Other notable tracks on the compilation include the melodic 'Put 'Em High' by Stonebridge, Eric Prydz's 'Call On Me' and Mylo's 'Drop The Pressure.' If you like electronica or dance music, do go out and get this one.