March 07, 2005

GooOS Screen Of Death

Even as the meme repeats itself in an endless loop, I cannot understand why in the world would Google want to create an operating system of its own. Google's core philosophy is to reuse existing components. Be it clustering commodity servers for their search or using javascript wizardry to conjure up the Gmail magic, Google has always built its products on the base of components that already exist out there. Creating another OS would mean creating another, probably unique, set of problems for the company to solve, which is almost always best left to Microsoft, Sun and Linux.

What the company could definitely use is a client side application that could start with e-mail and then move onwards into the territory occupied by office suites. Google search can already read and display a variety of formats and what is to stop them from introducing a minimalist software that could get you thinking, "Damn, why was I living with all that bloat earlier?" Of course, this is not something that would make a certain Mr./Sir Gates at Microsoft a very happy chappie, but Google is already pissing them off a fair bit as it is. And with Sergey's personal history, sadistic pleasure might just be the ki(c/n)k that does the trick for him.