February 24, 2005


As far as I am concerned the 'title-flicking' issue is over, but it also demonstrates what I find to be really irksome about the 'Indian blogosphere.' There is just way too much of self-congratulating and mutual back slapping for my liking and, as with bloggers everywhere else, there appears to be this constant need for the next big fix. Case in point is the 'title-flicking' fiasco, which could have been avoided, like Suresh had commented, with a little bit of effort. Instead, in our hurry to find the next Rohan Pinto, we end up having fiascoes like these. And the original post with the accusation still stands unchanged/un-updated.

Why I said their behaviour was reminiscent of a mob affected by a bad case of herd behaviour is because there does exist, in the Indian blogosphere, a chronic case of group think. In my point of view, the beauty of the personal publishing medium lies in the freedom it offers. A lot of that freedom on offer is lost by of our becoming nothing but echo chambers, repeating same thing is said over and over again, whereby you nullify any value that comes out of the conversation. Same is the case with concepts like blogmelas, which only serve to further push blogs to an activity for the chosen few by the chosen few.