February 23, 2005


Just saw the following comment on my post comparing NDTV Profit and CNBC-TV 18.

You flicked the title from my article. abhishrek.blogspot.com/2005/02/cnbc-tv18-till-i-die.html
Though not in the Rohan Pinto mould, I must admit. The post is original. But still, that was my original title.
Should I still keep you in my favorites?


I am sorry that you feel that I've flicked you title, but I have not. I have never been to your blog even once before today and the title by itself is not something that at least 10 other people could have come up with. It does not take a doctorate in semantics to connect an old Bryan Adams song and the name of news channel together. It is nothing new, a lot of people make a living doing the same, they are called journalists.

For the love of God, bloggers (I've been one for way much longer than you have) would do themselves a great favour if they would stop pretending that they are the only ones who are capable of original thought in the world. Rohan Pinto, agreed, was a prick, but the way a large part of the 'Indian blogosphere' reacted was reminiscent of a mob affected by a bad case of herd behavior.

I just noticed on your blog you've said that I deleted your comment. For your kind information, assuming that the comment you are referring to is the one I have quoted above, nothing of the sort has been done. As for your question whether I should still be kept in your favourites, I did not get in that list with your permission, so you can take me off it as and when you please.