December 27, 2004


Yes, with ample help from w.bloggar I managed to lose the last post I had made here. My sincere apologies to anyone who had commented on it; sorry, but that one is just not coming back. It has been a vicious circle of total inaction chasing even more ineffective contemplation that has been marking the recent interim between activities that mostly include partying, socialising or just commuting to and fro from work. And in the background, hangs the constant spectre of time slipping away without any significant addition to skills or contributions and the lure of the omnipresent wanderlust.

Before this year breathes its last, I am rushing to put together a laundry list of tasks to be done, skills to be acquired and the series of changes that are required to make better and more productive use of my time in the new year. If the list that includes putting my second story to paper, learning a couple of programming languages and probably striking out on my own professionally is any indication of enormity of the task ahead, it must be very evident that I am already running late.