October 18, 2004


While reading Richard's weblog entry, Yahoo!+RSS = Good Thing, a wild thought streaked through my mind: What would it take to write an extension for Firefox that would allow me to create my own personal newspaper based on RSS or Atom feeds? The feeds could be saved under different cateogries (Technology, Politics and so on) and they could be ranked and displayed (customisable by CSS) according to a manually-set order of preference or by keywords provided by the user for every category and voila! I could have my own personal newspaper of newsapers.

From observing my own reading patterns and feed caterogrization, I have observed that I tend to treat newspaper feeds and weblogs differently. If someone could pull this extension off, it would be something that would save me a lot of time. I could happily read under a section, all the stories relevant to it, as if it were a newspaper! RSS Bandit and Bloglines already do something similar. If you were to click on a cateogry, the application or page shows aggregated items from all the feeds under that category. This, though, is done without taking into account my preferences of priorities, which is why I would like an extension for it.

Away from syndication shenanigans, it has been a truly trying time on the career front. The number of instances where I have just wanted to throw in the towel now vastly outnumber the times I have wanted to stay back. It can be quite frustrating to know that you can do a lot more and are only allowed to do almost nothing or just little insignificant bits. And it is not like I was not warned, which I was in plently, and even when I do realise that every organisation is different, it does go on to prove again that I don't get along well at all in large ones.

I had more or less allocated the past year as recovery time from the heavy duty slogging that preceeded the three years before that. Now I have exhausted that period, I can hardly justify the level at which I am performing now. It is not like I have been underperforming, I have done pretty well for myself by their standards. But, by my own standards it has been a dismal year. There are a lot of things whizzing around in my head all the time, but I can't seem to follow up on them because of either a lack of relevant experience or because of monetary reasons. Being patient can suck like crazy at times.