August 02, 2004


And then there are times when you run into the dark stranger called as loneliness and you wonder whether it is good or bad that you are running constantly away from. Being equally capable of good and bad is a logical blind spot and that blinds you towards the true nature of your inherent inclinations.

If you step away from the safe heavens of self-bestowed purity of intention and purpose, it can be scary to face up to the nakedness of the real intentions of your actions. Often, they are bona fide, but they can be mala fide too, more often than what you would want to admit.

What happens then? What if you turn the tables around and get to that point where everything begins at the ledge of fuzziness and gradually falls into the abyss of pristine clarity, performing an alchemy of sorts, turning the best of your intentions into something that could not get any worse?

That said, it is not impossible or improbable for such things to happen. When it sits with you on the carriage called as life, all you can do is to sit tight, hold your own hands and smile at everything in the world. For you are your own ghost and the living can do nothing about that.