April 07, 2004


It is not often that one gets to see anything else but the innumerable things that might pop-up at you when you are riding down Delhi roads. The probable exception being something on the lines of what I got to see today - the moon shining in her full unabashed glory, gently sneering down on us city slickers, honking, swearing and swerving to avoid yet another suicidal pedestrian, as we made our way home.

To be very honest, I am at a sort of loss regarding what to write anymore. For one, I think I have had enough of being whiny. There have been three hundred too many entries here that go on recycling the same theme endlessly. Life is a lot more cheerful now, the uncertainties notwithstanding, and to say it very plainly, I suck when I write anything else but doom and gloom.

Thankfully, I have almost never regretted anything I have written here. I have always, as a policy, made sure that I do not mention specific instances or people as much as possible. My life and this blog might be mine, but that is not the case when it comes to dragging other people in and I am glad about that. This often creates the dreary metaphoric cesspools that litter this place. That, though, is something I can live with.

I do not think I am going to stop writing here, but I do feel the need for a change in the monotone. Besides, it would be terribly dishonest to paint everything in dark shades when the reality differs, in better ways and degrees, at different times. And I am not stupid enough to strive to stay depressed for the sake of somewhat mediocre prose. I know better than that from experience and I am very thankful about that.

What amuses me though, is the twenty-plus loyal visitors that I seem to get every day. I too do the same, religiously following certain blogs on a daily basis, but the gulf in the quality of the content is so vast that it is laughable to even try and compare. So, this is for those twenty-plus loyalists, a huge thank you from the bottom of my blogheart. May the power of the "submit" button be with you!