March 03, 2004


If you have not tried it yet, you should certainly go vegetable shopping at half past ten in the night. It is a quite a memorable experience to see all that brightly lit up greenery in a setting that gets even more deserted with the passage of time. Yes, it does not assure you quality, mornings are the best time for that, but who in the world ever gets all of what they want in one go? Concentrate on the experience, sir. The experience, I say!

For the unlucky, the act of living is not something to be taken for granted. It takes an overwhelming amount of courage, energy and maturity to persist with it over time, all for the medal of just having lived. And in that very ordinary drama called life passes a season or two, even beyond extraordinary, lighting up the darkness with the delight of a comet tearing through the heart of an otherwise resilient night sky. Leaving you wondering, wandering, looking and forever anticipating the improbable next.

Eventually, it is very hard to change from what you really are. The point being that we might all like/love thugs, doctors, politicians or even bank robbers, but as long as the feeling is unadulterated and beyond self-reproach, the rest hardly matters, as long as your priorities are properly in place. Maybe, I am only telling myself all of this, just another chapter from the 'let's-try-this-again' manual of approaching life. Maybe this one might just work, maybe it won't. There are always more chapters to follow.

As the roles tire playing themselves out on the elevated plateau of life, the out of character actor, in a fleeting moment of nakedness, struggles to find his own face in the mirror. There are stagnant wisps of cigarette smoke, cheap make up and mocking expressions that stand between him and the shiny surface. The only refuge is the camouflage of the scripted line, the delivery of another's emotions and the adulation of the audience. Bow, smile and move on. Thankfully, encores are an unpleasant rarity.