March 17, 2004


It is pretty obvious that one cannot do much in most circumstances. If it was otherwise, we would not have to battle constantly the temptation to run away, as far as possible, from everything. Actually, it is not as if things are looking down, they are not exactly looking up either, but considering the massive chaos that surrounds me, this is the most by means of calm that I have ever had the privilege of having.

During the course of meandering through a thousand faces and the outcomes of another thousand or more indirectly related actions, the wheel of life spins evermore faster, circumventing any attempts by the yarn to break free of the spindle's intentions. I am flying and as long as I do not look down, to see how low or how high I am flying, it should be okay. Ground beware, I might hit you any day.

Don't you feel that we spend a lot of time getting first getting tangled up horribly and then go about trying to disentangle ourselves? Wait, do not answer that, I should know well by now that I suffer from a very unique form of weirdness. Regardless, if that is the case then, what is left is not much, right? Guess I am glad, in a lot of ways, to be way too tired to even think.