August 07, 2003


I never thought I would get down to writing this, but then what the heck, it is much better than having a long winding inconsequential commenting spree. Let us get one thing very very straight here, this is a personal journal, I write purely for my own personal reasons. The primary, or for that matter even the tertiary, reason for this page existing is not to satisfy or make sense to any of you. Of course, if it happens to make sense for you too, great, I might even go out of my way, a little bit, to try and make it happen, but that is just about where I draw the line.

The stuff written here is not by any means the standards relating to anything ethical, moral or whatever other benchmark you can think up of. And you are quite free to form your own opinions about me or what I have to say, I have no problems with that. The moot point being I do not give a damn. I just do not have the time, energy or inclination to explain myself endlessly and this certainly is not a forum such a sort of discussion. And this is certainly not your 6th grade text book to have 30 guides published after it so that you can understand it.

The long and the short of the story is that I am quite grateful to the fact that people do bother to come here and read whatever is spattered on these pages, but that in itself does not mean I will sit and explain or justify every little word that I write. If you can "separate the signal from the noise", brilliant! But do not expect me to do that for you, nor is this some codification of some law or standard that it has to stand up to everyone's scrutiny. If it makes sense in my world, it is good enough. Hell, I thought it was my personal journal!

As long as no one is being pain in the posterior vis-a-vis in the comments or start offending other people who are also commenting, we should all get along fine. I do not have any issues with people disagreeing with what I have to say and there is certainly no assumption that I am right all the time, nor that what I have written about is the only way to go about something. But please respect another person's right and space to differ from what you might think or have to say. Like I said earlier, this is not a forum for all that, it was never intended to be one.

This page by no means is wholesome reflection of my life. So, the purely academic exercise of arguing or making sense of things here is not something which I give a lot of importance to and the effort that I make towards it would reflect that. No one has put a gun to your head to come and read all this and hey, all it takes is just a little click to make your way out of here. And that is more or less what I have to say.