August 26, 2003

And more

"Why in the world did you turn left? We should have turned right, taken the short bumpy ride and gone home."

"I do not know, I do not have any particular reason."

"Oh God, we are going again on one of those early morning 'dude-I am-so-cool-and-free-wind-in-my-hair' rides, are we not?"

"You can get off if you want to, no one is forcing you and you know that damn well too and by the way, the wind in the hair bit does not apply since I am wearing a helmet."


"You know, these rides are valuable, they teach you so many things about life in very simple terms. For instance, take this red light, I love the fact that it is perhaps the greatest leveler. I have nowhere to go, the people around me are in a mad rush, to schools, to offices and god knows where, but here we are all equal, time stops for roughly three minutes. We are bound for those 180 seconds by the unwarranted pause to our purposes, or the lack of one in my case."

"Err.. I beg to differ there. You have a home to go to. You are hungry, there is breakfast to be fixed, sleep to catch up on and around 40 pages of print outs that you took 15 minutes back to read through. So please spare me this hideous amalgamation of Deepak Chopra, The Traffic Light Shrugged and Edward De Bono. By the way, do you seriously intend to read all that? Struts, MVC and other gobbledegook? "

"Well, the house can wait, it won't die if I am not there in another hour or so and there are plenty of roads to be ridden. As for the MVC, if I think I am describing an apple, they too think I am describing an apple and apple it is that we both want to discuss, what is the problem if we are actually describing an orange? We all are happy in the end, right? And oh, you can now please stop begging."

"But honestly pal, ease up, don't you think you are overdoing it a bit now? When was the last time you went home straight instead of taking the long route around as if you were doing a detailed study on what effects this strange and prolonged spell of rain has on the city roads? I do not mean to criticise you, but I just do not get the whole point about all of this."

"The point is that there IS no point. Do you honestly do not get it or are you always this daft?"

"We just passed yet another U turn, how much further do you want to go? Besides, the traffic is getting worse now, it is more pain than pleasure, even the sun is now uncomfortably bright, please stop acting like a jerk, let us turn around and go home. I might even fix you breakfast for all you know!"


"Now, stop acting like a sulky 4 year-old child, you know as well as I do that even without my saying we would have turned there. And do not forget to get that half pack of bread, have you noticed how brown bread these days is much softer than the regular white ones? And for heaven's sake please stop humming that song, I do not know what is worse, that you can't sing or even hum for nuts, or that you are humming my favourite song? Oh God, oh God, did you see that?"

"See what?"

"That girl in the green car yawned at you as she passed by, congrats, you are not the only person to be yawning and driving early in the morning."

"Thanks a ton, you just done wonders to whatever microscopic quantity that is left of my ego. I mean, the best I can do is to elicit a yawn, these days?"

"You know, I am having second thoughts about going home, now that I am off my high horse."

"But we have to, traffic, breakfast and you know the drill..."


"Yeah, let us go."