August 16, 2003

5:39 AM

Two national flags, three running computers, can't be assed to count the ones that are not turned on, two empty, unwashed coffee mugs, open bag and helmet, weirdly large number of chairs talking in silence among themselves.

Colleague one: sleeping in his chair. Colleague two: pottering around the room, shuttling between her computer and the printer.

Me: Drowning, in headphones pouring out heavy jazz tracks from here.

Who needs dope when there is music like this?

When you spend half a day drying and cleaning the innards of your cell phone, only then dawns the realisation that you have been riding out in the rain way too much. Life number two started around evening.

The line with which Coyote Ugly ended. What do you do when all your dreams come true?

Answer: Kiss the bitch and wait for the credits to roll with a mush mush song song as the background score. And there was no spare cash to shoot the sunset after the cameo by LeeAnn Rimes.