May 01, 2003

Silent Silhouettes

Listening to Jagjit Singh singing Jaag Ke Kaati Saari Raina is too beautiful a way to welcome the first rays of the sun. Still, other than the song I feel restless, irritated, lost and ready to snap at the slightest provocation. I feel like Moses at the Red Sea, the only difference being that I do not have any divine powers to force apart the walls of time past and time to come, so that the present can have an uneventful passage.

Cannot really understand the reasons for such a strong degree of revulsion emanating from me and a new proverbial short leash that often threatens to explode into a fit of rage, the magnitude of which I have not experienced in a long time. There were no surprises in store for me. Whatever is happening is what I knew would happen. Then, why? Why can't I just seem to ignore it and move on and not feel like a toddler at his first day in play school?

Guess I value the little things I have in my life a lot more than what I thought I did. To the extent that it seems unlikely that I would brook any sort of attack or encroachment on it no matter how good the intentions are. Coupled a new approach that is attempting to do away with the unnecessary pleasantries, it is the ideal mixture for explosions internal and external. Aside: You can now blame Calpundit for my prolonged periods of absence from here.