May 27, 2003

Erugif Og

I could honestly say that I do not know you, I do not know what is it that makes you tick. Do not worry, I could say the same for me seen from your side. In all fairness, it is a tango in conventions. You smile, I assume you are happy, I put on a strange face, you assume something is wrong. You ask why? I give you some reason, sympathy, empathy, platitudes follow. And why not, the night is still very young and so is the tango.

It would just take a single bright yellow Gerbera to light up my room. But it is not there. Instead I have two wilting jasmines protruding awkwardly from the neck of an old wine bottle. A bright orange pen hanging from the window behind the bottle certainly does not add to the ambience and since the bottle is hidden behind the television, on which a cheap black plastic clock stands, even the display is not quite appropriate.

To say the truth, I know how the whole scene looks with the Gerberas in place. In fact, if I keep looking at the wine bottle for long enough, I can imagine them being there. It is nothing special, they are just loud yellow flowers after all. Still, convention and visual pattern matching associates it with cheerfulness, which the invisible ambience might not substantiate. Which is insignificant again, since I am no longer interested in the Gerberas and it is only the tango in the patterns that catch my fancy. My latest vice.