February 11, 2003


I am in search of another Houdini act. Need to crawl out of this one too, out of the sheer necessity to keep moving more than anything else. Too tired for explanations, too tired for arguments and too tired to subject whatever little bit is left in the piggy bank of beliefs to any kind of test. Just let me be, I really do not have anything to say to anyone, especially due to the fact that I might end up saying things that I do not want to or mean to say.

So most forms of inter-personal communication shall remain suspended till some form of coherence and comprehension can be injected into the bloodstream of reality. This might or might not include the blog. And yes I cannot wait for it to be the 16th when I can get the hell out of here. It is not the best deal by any means, but when did beggars get to choose anyway?

You're like a child with old eyes,
cynical and sensible, always full of surprises
you travel far and wide
looking for the feeling, lost inside you
Hungry by Kosheen