November 19, 2002


Of late there has been a decreasing need to communicate compensated by a whirlwind of words, images and memories that surround me constantly. It all was going according to plan, in fact like clockwork, till I accidentally tripped on a power cable setting alive the whole circus. Now they run around me and tell me stories as they dance past and vanish into the darkness beyond the arc lights when I look for them again.

Never doubt what you perceive, no matter how preposterous it might be. Twelve months on, I am wondering about things that I had almost lost my mind over. The bastard called as hindsight is mocking at me from the dark corner. What was I up to? Why? I can't even put my finger on what I saw in it all. The same thing now evokes nothing but disdain in me. Contempt? Maybe. Sour grapes? Probably not, but I cannot be sure.

What is important is, it is the same perception that confers a given value to all other things in my life. Would all of them too turn out to be false as time crawls through them? Maybe it already is happening. Maybe I never noticed. Maybe I did and froze a good element from everything and indexed them in my memory with an associated value. SELECT person, time_period, memory FROM WHERE emotion like joy. Obviously, a query on a negative one would always return zero rows.

The prime criterion in selecting an ideal sample is to get one that would always agree with your conclusions.

Life is good mate, it is just too damn good.

Update I: I do not know if it is my system or if it is Blogger, but something is messing big time with my template. Might or might not fix it after I hunt down some food and sleep. Thank ye!

Update II: Did nothing new and it seems to be working now, guess it was the sleep, something tells me I must get more of it.