November 04, 2002


Funny how things change. As ten year old I wanted nothing more in life to do than to burst crackers during diwali at home, because my parents never got them for us. It was considered too dangerous for us. Obedience being one of my more 'positive' virtues, I would still burst a few away from home with my friends who were allowed the noisy pleasure. Later, the smaller crackers were taken off the persona non grata list, but by then crackers were not the only thing I had been forced to grow beyond, when the time came for the annual ritual that we acted out to perfection to the lines of a tried and trusted script. Now, the same crackers irritate me. Not just because of the pollution, but mainly because it destroys the calm which I so love. Wonder how many we must have irritated as kids, aided by those monstrous bombs.

Fact. Golf is so not a spectator game. I have always known this watching it on television, but my jogging sessions have now proven it beyond doubt, at least to me. The park where I jog is located right next to the local golf course and it provides with some comic relief when I am puffing and panting my way through the painful rounds. It is really amusing to see the amount of concentration that goes into the drive off the putting range. Obviously, no one told them that it makes more sense to figure out the line through which you have to hit than to keep staring at the ball as if they expect it to pop up with a life that it might attain out of the blue. Finally when the drive finally descends from the heavens above is a spectacle worth a thousand words. An apt way to describe it would be - driving with a vengeance. It would not be a bad idea to put a board up that says "Jogging here can be a health hazard". A golf ball can hurt really bad, you know.

Back to jogging now. One very nice thing to see every morning is that there are so many old people around who often beat the living daylights out of you with their enthusiasm and persistence. Makes you feel a bit guilty about complaining so much about life. But then, you cannot really compare. The path around the park is a figure of eight and it is a wonderful place to be during early mornings or evenings. I have yet to talk even a single person out there and I do not have any complaints about that. One reason why I love the jogging is for the solitude that comes with it and the pleasure that comes with working through the pain barrier when you start to cramp up or just run out of breath. I really do wonder if that is the only thing that attracts me to it, the usual pushing the envelope bit. I hope not.