November 07, 2002

The Narrative

There is something about a high shot of the setting sun in an almost deserted street and a deep voiceover that yanks the listener's attention back to the rose-tinted beginning. There is something about stories that starts with the line "When we were kids" and the noise of the children playing in the street that threads its way through the background score of a solitary piano. I loved the way how Sleepers started. I loved the way it ended. And the title music of Malgudi Days on television will never stop haunting me for the rest of my life.

Give me a story, a bag of popcorn, a pillow to lean on, my mug of coffee and the regular "Once upon a time" beginning. Give me an unreal picture to draw in my mind, an imaginary strobe of light in a forest of darkness -- someone else's reality that I can believe in and be happy for, comfortable in the thought that there indeed exists life elsewhere. The only thing I can assure you in return is my undivided attention.

Do you have a story to tell me?

The future held no interest for her; she desired eternity; eternity is time that has stopped, come to a standstill; the future makes eternity impossible; she wanted to annihilate the future. -- From Love's labour's lost by Milan Kundera