October 08, 2002


It is a quiet Tuesday morning and even after twenty odd minutes of blankly staring at the monitor and thinking of what to write about, I cannot come up with much that has not been written about before. At the risk of sounding repetitive, a sentence is keyed in, read and deleted in an instant. There must surely be something to write about in this wide world. There surely must be something.

Armed with the magnifying glass of less-than-average observational powers and life's dictionary of cliches, I make another valiant attempt in search of the yet to be written great post. The trap is laid, the background score reaches a crescendo, the suspense is just killing. The moment arrives, the fingers hover mercilessly over the keys for the final push.


This one just refuses to start. No point in flogging a dead post.

To be very honest, somewhere along the way the whole concept of blogging was lost on me. Frankly, I do not really care whether I am part of a community or not, or even where this all belong, the voice of the ordinary and the rest of the jazz. This, like I said before, is just a conversation between me, myself and I, in my various shades and moods (aka a meme blog). But, it is a very important conversation to me, for it plays a great part in fitting things into a temporary working perspective. Anything which achieves that end for me is just too valuable and that is precisely what drives the urge to paste some rubbish on this yucky yellow coloured wall as often as I can.

That is also the main reason why you would not find any great commentary or interesting links or discussions here. At various points in time during the existence of this blog it has been a bit of all those and something that was instantly noticeable was there are million people out there who do it much better than I can. So nonsensical ramblings here are what serves my time spent on this best.

The only casualty in all this is comprehension. Whatever that is plastered on these walls are mostly very personal things glossed and gloated over with different layers of very complicated or plain insane sounding stuff. Unless you are someone who knows me pretty closely, the odds are that it will make no sense to you, for the context is most often not universal and same things evoke different reactions in each of us. So, even if I am to put it all out here in plain language, at the most a debate is what will result and that is not what I really want. Then what do I really want? Well, that is a totally different story altogether. We will save it for a rainy day.

The grey area that surfaces then is the comments. If a debate or discussion is not the aim then why is the comment box there? It is nothing but raw fodder for the ego or a nice distraction and senseless banter has always been one of my favourites among all forms of idle pastime. There is something infinitely interesting about the little tit-bits of conversations that goes on in these little windows. Somehow, in most cases I find the conversations out there more interesting than the actual post in itself.

Again I am at a loss for what more to write. So let me stop this merciless assault on your patience when I can. Thank you for your kind and patient listening. It was a pleasure to have you here.

So where were we Codey?

Post and Publish.