October 17, 2002


Oh, I am back by the way. Not at all surprising, considering the fact that where else can I go?

The lines are really getting blurred now. Not that they were clear ever. Just that earlier it used to be a once-in-a while occurrence - the blurred vision that is. Now it is the norm. Clarity is a rainbow over the valley of dreams, sleep is elusive and I never liked the pills anyway.

Get the torches, the gasoline, a gag, the ropes and a few knives to boot. Choke, gag and cut this pagan to pieces. Douse him in the gasoline and set him alight, shut the door behind, plug your ears tight, do not look nor listen. It will all die down and merge with the silence of the peaceful night.

Life shall begin again, 6 am sharp tomorrow morning.

When in love with a blind man
You love on your own
To an occasional smile
You never know why but sometimes he smiles
And sometimes just lies there, so jealous
When In Love With A Blind Man by Tears For Fears