September 06, 2002


The weather is slowly changing here. Mornings there is slight nip in the air. It is not a nip nip yet, but just a slight nip. I will be very happy when it becomes a nip nip. Winters are the best season ever, of course autumn too is beautiful but since we only get glimpses of it here I can only guess what it must be like. But there is no feeling in life like cuddling up under a blanket on cold winter mornings or walking the foggy roads with hands dug deep into your pockets.

It is really funny how people and photography are so closely related. Sometimes you get excellent shots when you do not plan it, sometimes you can mess up a totally beautiful shot that even a kangaroo can click and other times you spoil the roll like relationships even before they start by unknowingly exposing the film to daylight. Other times it remains ignored in a corner of the shelf, taken for granted and counted on, the day you go back to it you realise it is gone and spoilt beyond repair.